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An extremely sucky feeling that happens to adolescents much too often where your cheeks get all red and you just want to curl up under a dark bed for all of eternity (and/or die in a hole).
Girl: What's wrong, why are you crying?
Other Girl: I just suffered from a high level of embarrassment when my parents showed my boyfriend baby pictures of me! I wish I could curl up in a hole and die!
by netflixxlove January 4, 2015
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A gorgeous girl with a beautiful smile, great personality, and hilarious sense of humor. She is quiet and shy when she first meets someone, but when she gets to know them she's the life of any party. A Cozette is a boy magnet, and she has the boys lining up to get her number. If you ever meet a Cozette, hold on to her and never let her go.
Tyler: Whoaaaa dude, who's that sexy girl with the hot bod that just walked by? She's a freaking superstar, I wanna take her out on a date and marry her!

Jordan: Hold up there dude, you can't date her. That's Cozette! She's already dating, like, three other boys, and she is way out of your league. She is the prettiest and sweetest girl in school, you've got NO chance with her!
by netflixxlove February 23, 2015
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Rebecca: Jenny is such a goody-two shoes, she is so annoying.
Uma: But her sister, Jessica, is a total rebel one-shoe. She always marches to the beat of her own drum.
by netflixxlove March 3, 2016
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When you and someone you know love or like the same person (i.e a celebrity)
Girl: Channing Tatum is so effing hot, I wanna have his babies.
Other girl: Same, girl! I love him too! So relataboo.
by netflixxlove February 17, 2015
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