n. The only substance known to mankind that has been scientifically proven to cure hangovers. It's also the third ingredient in Gatorade, right after sugar and yellow dye #5.
Person 1: Awwwww, my head is killing me. Last night was rough.
Person 2: Here drink some Gatorade, it's got electrolytes and shit.
by gabulldogs123 May 29, 2008
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Its what plants crave ; From Idiocracy the Movie
My plants wont make it throughout the winter without electrolytes.
by IWINULUZ August 22, 2007
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An Electrolyte, is something inside of a sports drink that makes people run faster.
Hey dude what should I drink before I run

by UrbanWordz December 1, 2010
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The act of loose bowel syndrome after an evening of draft beer and sauerkraut or any savory drunkeness meal. Followed with a double flush and a gatorade.
Charles lost all control and gave birth to an electrolyte dump after having keg beer with corn on the cob.
by Dick Blast November 14, 2015
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Tim - Hey man you don’t look good. You need some water?
Allen - No man, I need some Iowa Electrolytes
by UIU Speed Team May 5, 2022
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