A movie that was originally a comedy, but became a documentary.
Since people don't have to pass an IQ test in order to reproduce, Idiocracy is humanity's inevitable future.
by commandercrook January 24, 2014
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A society that values and rewards people based solely on a lack of intelligence. Societies that reward the resulting behaviors become dysfunctional, violent, and the rule of law becomes even more arbitrary.
To be quite frank, the United States is a prime example of idiocracy in action.
by strawberryturd June 11, 2012
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"Hey have you seen that new Michael Moore documentary Idiocracy? Yea man, stupid is as stupid does."
by Big Diggity March 20, 2012
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1) A government that repeatedly makes bad decisions, resulting in worsening conditions for the country it runs. 2) A government run by an intellectually challenged leader. 3) A government full of cabinet members that couldn't find their asses with both hands and a flashlight. 4) A government consisting of people where if they were to pick their noses for a half hour, their heads would cave in.
I can't believe the idiocracy we elected to run our country.
by The Coop February 5, 2003
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Idiocracy is democracy gone wrong through idiocy. It is the unfortunate situation where the vote of a person ignorant of even the most basic of facts surrounding an issue or candidate counts exactly as much as the vote of someone who is well-informed about the specific issue or candidate.
In an idiocracy the vote of someone who says for example, "I won't vote for Obama because I heard he is a known terrorist and doesn't like Italian food" counts as much as the vote of someone who makes an effort to find out exactly where the presidential candidates stand on various issues. It's democracy gone wrong through idiocy. Another example is "I won't vote for McCain because I heard he has Alzheimers and has already spent time in a nursing home."
by Clara Pienaar October 18, 2008
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It is a society in the future that is full of illiterate idiots. They are lazy, dirty & the citizens have forgotten every form of good education, making them stupid douche bags.
Tuck: Dude this place is retarded. It's madness! No..its idiocracy & it must be fixed.

Mike: I'll fix your face..with my..fist.....ASS. SHUT UP!
by freakadeak August 4, 2009
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A nation incapable of recognizing or practicing a common sense.
Most of the behavior disguised as entertainment on U.S. television
by radoo January 6, 2004
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