a Broski is someone that is my ride or die. (meaning no matter what we go through or what obstacles or problems we may have, that we'll get through it together and if not we'll die trying.)

he is like family,
He is the one calm when I fight
and Secretly caring and nice.
he is someone that I look up to and someone I know that I can trust or call if i'm in need, need help, or in danger.

He is someone I could talk about anything with someone I trust with my deepest secrets,
he's like a real brother, the big brother that I've always wanted but never had.
a broski is a best friend,
A brother in Christ,
and a friend for life.
Why have a hundred friends when you can have one broski
by good boye September 8, 2019
A name only you can call your closest friends, and a name they can call you.
by Awe heck May 29, 2017
A broski is someone you can basically say is your brother.

Broski's never get mad at each other, and are always at each others side.

Often do everything together, from smoking pot to beating some dumbass
Person 1: Yo broski, this dumbass nigga wants a scrap
Person 2: K broski, lets kick his shit in till he bleedin out his ears
by 519 yute November 25, 2020
The longer and better version of Bro. Broski is meant for only the closest of friends. Its not meant for just some random person you would see you the street. Keep your broskis close. Because if they are worthy of the name Broski, then they are worthy of keeping for the rest of your life.
1. "YO! My broski from another Moski! Waz Good?!"
by W P 4Life D.A.T.A October 22, 2008
A word that is generally used between friends, normally replaces the words "man" or "bro".
Chris: "Hey broski, what time you planning on getting on live?"
Friend: "I'm getting on in a few minutes, got some shit to take care of."
by FoxCarnage November 28, 2009