an englishman with an inclination to be a gangsta in every situation. Often used as a term of endearment.
Did you SEE that eaton? My my, what a gangsta!
by todd eaton March 31, 2005
Eaton is a suburb of Bunbury, a city a few hours south of perth, the capital of western australia.

Eaton is divided into three parts. Old eaton, parkridge and millbridge. Old eaton is pretty much the ghetto of Bunbury and walking around there at night without getting mobbed or raped is pretty hard. Parkridge is one step up from this, where the middle class cats live. and millbridge is full of rich pr*cks who build giant ass houses and work on the mines.

in general, the further north you go in eaton, the safer you are.

the school in eaton - eaton community college, (aka eaton correctional centre) is known as the most feral school in or around Bunbury. When you graduate yr 12 here there's no doubt you have actually become dumber than when you got there. the only kids who go to this school are either black or retarded. or reallllly poor.

the collie river also runs on the edge of eaton, with the most disgusting water on the planet. its full of blowfish and thats all. the high schoolers jump off the collie bridge after school sometimes to prove how tuff they are. when the cops rock up to tell them off they bring fully sealed radiation suits so they dont catch aids.

also, if you catch the bus into or out of town, dont hang around the bus stop too long unless you enjoy being mobbed.
retard: "hmm red light."
local: "are you insane!? dont f*cking stop, we're in eaton! we will get hijacked by a bunch of coons!"
(^not that there are traffic lights in eaton.)

retard: "just gonna do a spot of fishing up the collie river."
local: "'re not from around here are you?"
by evasion438 March 23, 2011
An aura that surrounds a person, making most girls fall in love with them on sight
Student 1:Dude, look at that girl all over him.
Student 2:Yeah, she's fallen under eatonism.

Girl walks up to guy.
Girl: "How are you getting all these girls to like you?"
Guy: "It's just the eatonism baby."
Girl falls in love with guy.
by Zoe Dumas May 16, 2010
One who fiends for a fix; especially referring to someone who tries to get stuff on credit.
That dude be Eaton. Trying to get them roxies from me, but don't get paid until midnight Tuesday.
by Jack Fishman August 4, 2019
This is the act of eating while riding an portable donkey while making your way downtown eating fast and then heading home
"Yo did you see Nik eaton yesterday?"
"Yeah man that was crazy"
by Eatonknower June 2, 2014
-Character in the Divergent series
-When book takes place, he is 18 years old
-Incredibly sexy and badass
-Initiation instructor and later boyfriend of Tris Prior
-Nicknamed and known as Four because of his four fears
-Originally from Abnegation and transfered to Dauntless
"Who's that over there?"
"That's Tobias Eaton. We call him Four."
by ~:^) December 24, 2013
Mr eaton is a bald red bearded Santa clause that comes to your house at night and cuts his hair with your teeth while you're sleeping. You can find him on the street begging people for red hair. Often asks kids to come in his van and touch his large beard.
by Wehsbbdbdjsj April 9, 2015