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A bad poker player who doesn't actually know how bad he is.
That donkey just dropped 40k in less than 2 hours at the No Limit table!
by Leeno November 10, 2005
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when you got that sauce that's lookin extra fire.
Ayo my homie scott got real nice drip with his louis vuitton bruh.
Damn homie his fit is fire as fuck.
by eggski May 06, 2020
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An Irish man or woman who just acts really fucking Irish.
That donkey mick bastard had sex with the dog again!
by NickiG February 05, 2004
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You say it when someone says some dumbass shit
Cameron: โ€œsir sir can you give us a homework before you go pls??โ€

David: โ€œput a leash on this donkey before I..โ€
by The_Father_of_Hoes November 24, 2019
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