A negative term we as a society have used to put down girls who we feel don't fit the traditional gender role of a woman. Sometime used as an attempt to compliment another woman but instead it usually just pits woman against one another and continues the viscous cycle of outdated stereotypes. Can be used by both genders and is just as dangerous coming from a boy as it is a girl.
Boy: " wow you're not like most girls"
Girl: "Do I look like most girls?"
by tummies328 July 9, 2017
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Sally. Sally is the most perfect girl in the whole world. She is really super duper pretty and smart and funny and buff and cool. She is perfect in every way. I love Sally (a lot)^(10000000000000)^(N+1). She makes me really happy and she is very amazing. If you don't know Sally then you have not experienced life. You have not experienced the suffocating feeling as you drown in her eyes. You have not heard the crack nor felt the pain as you broke your leg falling for her. You have not felt the emptiness inside your chest after she stole your heart. You have not worn a gas mask to protect yourself from her smelly stinky bog like stench. Therefore I can conclude that I am the luckiest to have met Sally AND I get to date her wowowowow that is so insane. I love her a lot and she means the world + Saturn and maybe Venus (if you want to be generous) to me. Just kidding, Sally means everything to me. She makes me very happy because she is the most perfect girl and she is in fact very perfect. Actually the perfectest.

To verify perfection, let us analyze this debate as a fundamental document giving further validity to Sally's perfection. There is a lie detector being used to verify the factuality of this debate. Debate is located below. Analysis of this debate can be found under Most Perfect Girl Analysis.
Marco: I have the most perfect girlfriend (True)
Sally: I have the most perfect boyfriend and love you mostest (False^2)
Marco: No, I love you mostest (True)
Sally: You smell (False)
Marco: You smell a lot more than I do. That's why you're smelly. (True)
Sally: I do not smell (False)
Marco: You are the smelliest smartest most perfect girl (True)
Sally: I missed you (Maybe true)
Sally: I missed you most (Definitely false)
Marco: No! I missed you most. Go do your homework (True)
Sally: I did my homework. You're sexier than bratwurst in a skirt (False)
Marco: You're sexier than bratwurst in a skirt. You're the smartest (True)
Sally: No you are. I have so much psych homework (False and True)
Marco: Haha cyke homework (You're not funny you dumb sack of potatoes. You look like a bratwurst without a skirt)
Sally: (Cringe) haha
Marco: You're the cutest I love you the most (True)
Sally: Wanna hang out?
Marco: No (You're so funny Marco we've heard these lame jokes so many times could you not for once?)
Sally: :(
Marco: KIDDING of course I wanna hang out (True)
Sally: Yayyyyyyyyyy
Marco: You smell when should we hang out? (True)
Sally: Nooooo I do not smell. I have to clean before we hang out. My room is SUCH a mess (False^3)
Marco: Your room is not a mess (True)
Sally: No it's so bad (False)
Marco: Faker (True)
Sally: Ok I'm going to clean now

Marco: Ok byeeeee <3 I love you most and you're the most perfect girl! (True)
Sally: You stink (Wrong)
by Sallyiscute October 4, 2021
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The most perfect girl is a girl that has everything, from beauty to personality. There aren't many of these girls around so fellas if you meet one of these MPG then definitely don't let her get away. These girls come by once in a lifetime and they definitely become perfect wives.
Person A: Have you ever met your Most Perfect Girl?
Person B: Yeah, her name is Rachel Mulfeld
by BoyInLove May 6, 2012
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A YouTube series including barbies that swear and talk about sex a lot.
The Most Popular Girls in School is my favorite web series ever!

Mackenzie Zales from The Most Popular Girls in School is a part-time model
by DaQueen February 17, 2014
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The one that you love and care about, the one that you will never ever betray. The one girl in your kife that you know will always be with you and will never hurt you in any way. She will be the one that you think about every moment of every day, and you will always look forward to being with her. You will never lie to her and will give your very heart and soul to her. If she is the one most beautiful girl in the world, she will take your secrets, your sorrows, your joys, your very heart and soul, and she will keep it safe and cherish it forever. She will always love you and you should always love her back. She should be the one that you will always be there for. Treat her like she is a goddess and never turn away, because if you do, she might vanish forever. Do all of this, because beauty is not just skin deep, it is what you do with her that makes her beautiful. Make this choice wisely, because iif you don't, you might ruin your whole life. Make a good decision like i have. I am inspired to say this because of the most beautiful gerl in the world to me. I love you Ashley!


Guy 1: Dude, who is the most beautiful girl in the world to you?
Guy 2: Man, its gotta be Ashley!
by Littlebear106 January 1, 2015
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