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2 definitions by ~:^)

A prostitute is simply a person who has sex for money
Girl: mom I'm a prostitute
Mom: oh no! Well did you at least get money
Girl: no I got bacon
Mom: oh that's a relief, because it's not prostitution if you pay them in bacon
Girl: yay I'm not a prostitute then
by ~:^) April 10, 2014
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-Character in the Divergent series
-When book takes place, he is 18 years old
-Incredibly sexy and badass
-Initiation instructor and later boyfriend of Tris Prior
-Nicknamed and known as Four because of his four fears
-Originally from Abnegation and transfered to Dauntless
"Who's that over there?"
"That's Tobias Eaton. We call him Four."
by ~:^) December 24, 2013
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