one who would be described as utterly amazing in every way. a person who will make you feel like you're worth a million bucks just by taking you to McDonalds or a book store. Nik is as chill as a cucumber, dependable, & never runs out of things to talk about. he knows countless beaches that most people don't even know of & is the best guy you will ever meet.
Boyfriend: Baby, why you actin' like that?
Girlfriend: You don't treat me right. I deserve better.
Boyfriend: So what, you're gonna go find yourself a Nik?
Girlfriend: Damn right.
by sierrajross June 30, 2010
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Nik will never let anyone be rude to his girlfriend and her friends. He is very kind and likes to help others. He is very sexy and attractive. He will make your life 817272910181 times better. He is funny and super smart.
Joe: You want to ho outside?
Mary: yeah, because there is a nik
by unknownpatatoman July 28, 2018
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Nik is Gods gift to the world. He is simply perfect. Nik can pick up anything and be amazing at it. Nik knows how to sweet talk anybody in to doing anything, everybody loves Nik. Most girls are attracted to Nik, and once they get a little taste of him they can't go away and want more and more of him. Nik can make anybody's life 274438257 times better. People who don't like Nik, are simply jealous because they aren't him. In one word: sexy.
Did you see the Red Sox game last night? The pitcher threw a Nik game.
by NIKisAgod August 25, 2010
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one is described as totally awsome and sexy. he is always look fly and good. one time he made him self a poop slushy and threw it in bens face(see ben for details)
person1:did you see nik?
person2:the coolest person ever?
by nikolos November 18, 2010
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The process of taking a dump in a blender, making a poop smoothie, and serving the drink to a loved one who has wronged you.
She banged my best friend, so I gave her a nik.
by BarryIsHairy February 5, 2010
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The ability to wear a costume or article of clothing that would normally make a person look really nerdy and stupid - but instead it looks hot and sexy on them.
He looks really Nik in that kilt.

I thought he would look idiotic with a mullet haircut, but actually it looks kind of Nik.
by I've been niked February 5, 2010
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A "Nik" is half a gram of any kind of drug (Marijuana most) and is what most people refer to when buying drugs... This is just one of the many terms though.
Random person- "Yo let me get a nik"
Tree guy- "Ight I got you"
by TheTreeGuy June 27, 2013
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