A video game that has you kill “monsters” or behemoths to craft weapons and armor. Another reason that your bae might get mad at you. Way better than Fortnite.
Girl1: “My bae won’t text me back”
Girl2: “OMG. Why!??”
Girl3: “Yeah! Why!??”
Girl1: “They won’t stop playing Dauntless. Whatever that is.” (Gets text*)
Girl2: “Who texted you?”
Girl3: “Was it your bae?”
Girl1: (sigh*) “Yep. They said that they were busy fighting a Shrowd..?”
Girl3: “Maybe you should break up with them and get a new bae.”
All 3 girls: “TOTALLY.”
by XxSADNESSxX November 28, 2019
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one of the 5 factions in the Divergent Series. Its the faction of the brave and fearless.
Tris chose Dauntless over Abnegation as she felt she was more fearless than selfless.
by YazPrincess June 24, 2013
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One of the five factions in the Divergent series. Its defining trait is Courage, compared to Abnegation's selflessness, Erudite's intelligence, Candor's honest and Amity's peacefulness. Although each faction wants to be good, they aren't perfect.

Dauntless people dress in black and often have tattoos and piercings. They take risks and constantly put their lives on the line for someone else or even just for a thrill.
The girl dressed in black from head to toe and had a metal ring through her lip. She was obviously Dauntless.
by Dauntless-born Lezzie January 29, 2016
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a badass group of people who get tattoos and pirecing, and jump off buildings, play capture the flags with guns, jump of trains and do what every teenager would want to do, because no one would choose to be amity.
i feel so dauntless, YOLO
by lovethecutepigs September 27, 2014
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he has the big ugly and the big stoopid if you have him in your class just leave
guy 1:yo you have dauntless dane in your class?
guy 2:yeah lmao
guy 1:dude you should drop the class asap
by prominecraft69axe420 December 18, 2018
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Showing resilience and determination to accomplish something despite the struggles and pain you go through to reach that point in your life.
by MXST_Lingo February 19, 2022
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