Refering to the making, pouring, or drinking of "Syrup", which is a mix of pop and promethazine with codeiene. "Syrup" induces a very slow paced "high" such as the movements of a turtle. "Syrup" may be refered to as "Purple Drank" or "Sizzurp" which is a mix of pop, promethazine with codeiene, and crushed up oxycottons. To recap, if someone says pour me a four, well than you know what they mean.
Just listen to Lil Waynes's "Me and My Drank", that is all an example of Four.
by K-Slo June 9, 2010
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Four is a loud, screechy number four that is the host for BFB.
Pen: Hey, Four Makes the loudest noises!
Marker: Yeah!
by NintenGunner March 3, 2018
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The best character in the show BFDI. Can shoot dubstep lasers at people and screech to stun them. Also he can "dismemble" characters . He is rumoured to do this by turning his hand into a claw and brutally tearing off limbs. He has done this offscreen to his friend, X
by CAHUGCAHUGgaheeecccc March 1, 2018
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1. A number that comes after 3, and before 5. Duh.

2. A character from the blockbuster series "Divergent"(In my opinion, the best). In the book, he is Tris Prior's instructor in Dauntless (one of the factions in the city) initiation, but as the book goes on he eventually falls in love with her. His name is then found out to be Tobias Eaton, but his nickname is Four because he only has four fears; heights, confinement, shooting an innocent person, and his father abusing him. He is portrayed by Theo James (<3) in the movie released on March 21st in USA, April 4th in UK.
1. Person: How old are u?

Person 2: I am 4 years old.

2. Four: Welcome to Dauntless.
by _mymy_xx March 2, 2014
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A more proper way of calling a man or women a "hoe" "whore" or "douche".
Me: You know that new kid Luke?
Angel: Yeah, I heard he's a real four.
by cheeseburger7 May 5, 2011
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Four meaning the alcoholic beverage Four Loko.
Ayye I'm going to get a red Four and get wasted.
by Menace 2 Society Dannay August 31, 2010
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