A phrase yelled by a jealous fat woman at a thinner more attractive woman, perhaps hoping that the thin woman will gain weight too and stop attracting men.
Big Bertha: Hey stick insect! You think you're so hot, in that little skirt? Eat a sandwich!
by Medicine Show May 1, 2011
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The How I Met Your Mother euphimism for smoking weed, used to censor the act so that Ted can safely tell his kids.

But why he'll skirt the pot issue with them but have no problem describing his threesome is beyond me.
"So there we were, eating a sandwich. The biggest sandwich we had ever eaten."
by SaracottaPie April 1, 2010
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To Smoke weed, Ganja, Green, Chronic, Marajuana.

To be used around people that you dont want to know that you smoke weed
Standing beside Police, teachers, Parents, underaged children.

Guy 1: Dude we should go eat a sandwich

Guy 2: yeah dude lets go eat a sandwich right now

Cop, Teacher, Parent, Child: Have fun eating your sandwich! (oblivious)
by Fangg August 7, 2009
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The sucking of a penis while held within another man's ass cheeks.
I ate beef sandwiches last night, extra mayo.
by Munglai January 18, 2004
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when going out with a girl for her looks
Jacob is going out with crystal because he likes eating a sandwich for the bread
by Zak Abati January 1, 2009
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when an individual does something uncharacteristically dumb, even for his or her personality
Did you see what Zeke just did? He just jumped out of a tree and broke his arm. What a way to eat retarded sandwiches
by lotuspanda March 15, 2008
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