mispronunciation of marijuana. A.K.A. grass, or the wacky weed.
example: Marjuana's bay-ud...m-kay...
by tor October 6, 2003
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Proof that it DOES affect people's brains...illiteracy is a shame.
I can't spell 'marijuana' correctly, probably because I smoked too much of it.
by Captain Stabbin April 13, 2003
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mispellin of maijuibna
I smoked marajuana but not maijuibna.
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marajuana-also known as the happy shit the shit that makes you hungry and laugh ur ass off...haha
for an example-______smoked a bunch of "MARAJUANA"and she laughed and laughed and then she ate a whole bunch of munchies!!
by Toke August 30, 2003
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mara wanna- cool green
this is some kind cool green ushas!
by geomite September 17, 2003
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