Thin people.. Mainly girls that go on facebook posting pictures topless saying. Am i fat?
Skinny people: am i fat?

Responders: no stupid go eat a chezburger
by Stevebob August 6, 2015
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Indivuduals who appear to have a slim physique, however, they're body is composed of little to no muscle. Individuals who fall into this description often brag about thier slim body, but are hesitant to perform any athletic activities. They often eat frequently and are characterized by laziness, but thanks to thier abnormally high metabolism they are able to maintain a slender physique.
OMG so like john tried to give me like a piggy back the other day and he like couldn't even pick me up!

Wow, skinny-fat people...

Ugh, like shut up-uh!
by silybily68I August 17, 2010
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