The fattest female teacher in every school who makes class entertaining by her comedic weight, but whom is completely unaware of the numerous jokes which occur reguarding her gargantuan size each lesson.

May also be a Bulgarian shot putter.
For example, in mathematics:
*Hannah calls Big Berta for help on a question*
Big Bertha then bends over to help Hannah with her problem. Upon noticing this, Jack calls to Boris and says "Boris, Hannah wants you," causing the unsuspecting Boris to look in the direction of Big Bertha's arse in its entirety. This is then rounded off with the majority of the class shouting "Whaaaaaay!" accompanied with many "wanker" hand gestures, leaving Boris feeling extremely stupid and traumatised by his experience.
by The Prophet Muhammad's mum November 28, 2009
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A very large, nice booty.
Dammnnn look at her Big Bertha!!!
by The 'Circle' December 6, 2011
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A prototype artillery piece used by the Germans in World War I to bombard Paris. Fired the largest shell in the world at the time, and more importantly had the longest range.
by Student-Athlete April 21, 2005
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A large gun used in WWI by the Germans produced by Krupp Industries.

Big Bertha is usually confused with the Paris gun and was never actually fired at Paris.

In fact, Big Bertha saw very little action aside from bombarding a handfull of Forts in Belgium, most French soldiers who were captured from bombarded forts claimed

"No one can stand up to Big Bertha's might" when in fact they had never been shelled by Big Bertha at all.
Dood! Big Bertha gunna mow down Paris again.

You're an idiot, Big Bertha never even shelled Paris you dolt.
by CommandoDude March 23, 2008
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Someone/Something really fat or big. Usually get an uncomfortable feeling around Big Bertha's.
OMG!! She is such a Big Bertha! Look at her.
by CesTiger March 31, 2017
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Me: what was the oldest cow called?
Retarded friend: your mum

Smart friend who everyone likes: Big Bertha
by big man 2.0 March 24, 2020
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