(pl.) Probably one of the best college accessories you can buy. Once they're in your ears, you're able to focus on your homework/exam/whatever without being distracted by outside noise, be it coughing, sniffling or small talk. Seriously, at least try taking an exam with them in. You can thumbs-up the definition later.
You don't need a study drug. You just need earplugs.
by Turmfalke November 12, 2010
The definition of earplugs is when you are facefucking a girl and shge sucks at givven head, so you pull your dick out of her mouth and then procide to jizzz in each ear, so she cant hear and then you can call your buddy up and say how shitty the head was, and to not try for it
last night i was gettin head from megan and she was so bad i had to give her some new pearly earplugs
by Nick Basle March 15, 2005
Somebody cums in someones ear so when it drys you can not hear.
Tanner-"Dude shes asleep."
George-"Im gonna give her a scandinavian earplug!"
by Joe1545256 August 11, 2010
What you put to listen to your favourite song in your mind when someone is talking to much and you want to block them out. Note: These are not headphones. People can see headphones. This are imaginary. USE WITH CAUTION!
Tori was talking to much so I just put in my Musical Earplugs and nodded along to the music. The funny thing is that she thought I was a agreeing with her; the annoying thing is that this encouraged her to KEEP TALKING!
by CyberIxie February 28, 2010
The act of a man sticking a tampon in a womans ear, and then ejaculating on the tampon, making it expand and get stuck in the ear. Usually done when a man is angry with the woman.
"Sue, let's have sex!"
"Johhny, I dont want to have sex tonight!"
"Well dear, I may just have to give you a soggy earplug then!"
by Some sick guy January 29, 2008
- noun
Soft, pliable material inserted into ones ears to protect them from the harmful rays of UV bullshit.
Jack: Hey, Johnny, did you know that-
Johnny: O shit, better put on my bullshit earplugs *puts them on*
Jack: *Incoherent gibberish*
Johnny: Sorry, could you repeat that, without the bullshit?
by ImmaBBoreDDude July 11, 2010
when you are receiving oral sex and you are about to climax take your schlong out and cum on your hands. then slap your hands on your partners ears so they cant hear.
i gave lydia the sturley earplugs last night, so she did the rabinator on me
by harro dero April 2, 2007