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a sequence of rulers of empires, cities, civilization etc that follow a line of birth
-The Ming Dynasty

Joe: Hey Bob, whats your subject for the Mapping History assignment?

Bob: I don't know, but in class we've been studying the MingDynasty
by onewhodies November 10, 2010

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an extremely useful website that allows you to download youtube.com videos for free.
Bob: i just bought the new Aldus Snow album on itunes for only 30$!!

Joe: F U, i just got that for free on Keepvid.com LOSER
by onewhodies November 12, 2010

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don't ever go there
place for 'bro' to most fake information about their fake lives
i bet half those people in that site make it alllll up

nerd: i am SO going to post this sex statement on mylifeisbro.com maybe ill get 1 chill rating!
nerd2: marvy dude
by onewhodies November 10, 2010

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a novel by author Catherine Fisher about an alive prison that is controlled by the warden in conflicts of in inside of the prison people trying to get out, and the people outside trying to get in.
by onewhodies November 13, 2010

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to do something absolutely perfectly
something that is absolutely perfect
Joe: Did you get a good car?
Bob: yup, its a mary poppins
by onewhodies November 15, 2010

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a sound receiver which is usually plugged into a portable music device that fit directly into your ear which feeds the music information without emitting sound out around you neighbors. It is more convenient that head phones, and you can share them more easily.
Bob: dum de dummmmmm dum duuu duuu dummmm DUMMMM

Joe: will u PLEASE get some earphones
by onewhodies November 14, 2010

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fist to face
Joe: i swear that kid stole 50 cents from me....

Bob: ill go give him an ftf
by onewhodies November 10, 2010

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