eWhoring is a black hat technique for making money. Basically what you do it you pretend to be a girl in a chat room. Then you talk to guys and you ask them to sign up to your affiliate program, usually an adult affiliate program, and once they sign up you get paid.
Hey man! U gotta try ewhoring, basically u pretend to be a girl in chat rooms have a bit of cybersex with some guys and earn tons of cash!

...dude that's gay.
by Dimman January 21, 2010
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eWhoring is a black hat technique for making money by using eWhore packs or pictures of girls who are obviously very pretty or look seductive. These images are usually hard to reverse image search. You can find them on dating apps or instagram accounts that randomly follow you. They will ask for your instagram (if you guys met on a dating app) and screenshot your profile + your following and followers. IF you say you don't have an instagram they will ask you for a telegram/whatsapp. They will conversate wtih you until they say they're feeling "naughty" or like lets do something "fun" then when you guys have phone sex, they have it recorded and various photos taken and will blackmail you. If you gave them an instagram, they will threaten to dm your following and send it to them. If you only give a telegram/whatsapp they will most likely say they will upload it to various websites including the deep web. Your "nudes" are now held ransom and they usually want anything from $20-600. If you block them they don't care to do anything.
I just made 20 dollars eWhoring this asian dude!
by brandonplayz September 16, 2023
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Someone who usually is on kik or Snapchat that pretends to be a girl for money usually it works.
Ewhore: Hey baby would you like to buy my premium for dirty pics 😝😘
by XJAG June 21, 2019
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One who can be classified as a whore in the context of internet "face time." Where the so-called "ewhore" battles ceaselessly for attention through employing one of a plethora of "hooking" techniques such as forum whoring, IRC whoring, and many others.
After upping his post count in the forums, ******* Banana * spent the next four hours typing erroneous messages in IRC and annoying the hell out of ops.
by Little Tortilla Boy June 11, 2005
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A woman whom your buddy meets from an online dating service, who you do not like.
So, you're blowing off your friends to go out with that eWhore again, huh?
by Spanks Johnson July 9, 2006
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A girl or guy who talks with multiple dudes on the internet. Multiple means more than one. Whores will make up a weird definition of multiple.
Avery will never get a real husband if she keeps being a ewhore on discord
by dmzlul September 5, 2021
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