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1- A Hacker (Or rather cracker, but that's a different discussion) who uses his abilities for malicious purposes.

2- Anything relating to malicious use of the internet.
1- as a hacker, I would have to say he's definately a black hat hacker.

2- since the software's ony use was generating registration keys for legitamite software, it was considered balck hat software.
by Mr.Mysteriosity September 07, 2003
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n. (Hacker Lingo) Hacker who uses his or her skills for malicious purposes and/or personal gain. Defacing websites, writing viruses, stealing personal information, and booting people off chat programs are all considered blackhat activities.
The blackhat is loathed by many in the hacker culture, who prefer the chivalrous vigilanteism of the whitehat to the blackhat's destructive and selfish tendencies. However, blackhats generally do deserve respect for their remarkable abilities - the exception of course being the script kiddie.
by progamer124 February 05, 2004
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1- A type of Hacker that uses his/her skills for malicious purposes or own amusement/beneficement

2- A synonym for Villain, The Bad Guy, the one that opposes to the good guy and all the pathetic heroes of the world

3- The protagonist of Villainous
-Did you see in the news? a Black Hat Hacker just hacked the fucking NASA!

-In the Marvel Thanos is the biggest Black Hat in it
-I don't think so, he can be all powerful he wants, but NOBODY beats Ultron

Black Hat: Greeting you poor try of a Villain, Black Hat here! to turn your most wicked thoughts in REALITY!
by W.D Shadow Marco C. Krueger February 11, 2018
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opposite of whitehat , a black hat is a "hacker" that does not "work" for money but for what he belives in, or just for fun...
Everytime a blackhat turns into a whitehat , god kills 3 kitten
by kurt cobain August 01, 2004
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The black hat hackers are the ones that cause damage. White hat hackers do good with their hacking
by Don September 11, 2003
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