agreeing to go out somewhere safe and private to indulge in smoking pot
Behind a tree, in the dark alley, on the beach, in someones cabin without children,or in a car with the windows closed lets do something.
by zindle April 27, 2008
Wank tosspot MBA phase to 'motivate' perceived lesser individuals

speads virally, thrives in an environment of nerdy dead arsery
Me: Look arse, this report is still arsefest, I'm outahere

Boss: ok, Lets DO something! (You stay late and work your arse off, whilst I continue counting my money)

Me: Ok, you do something cunt. Swivel on my stapler, take a spin on me hole-puncher, take your MBA and shove it up your arse.. etc etc
by Alice Sea Kitten April 23, 2004