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Pejorative Make fun of / criticize an easy target, especially one that can't defend themselves.
Todd: My grandma is so boring. All she does is watch TV and walk her dog, it's like, get a hobby.
Steve: Why you gotta dunk on your grandma like that?
by xnphls April 08, 2020
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A show of force displayed in an argument, in a manner that the argument appears nearly one-sided.
Someone who has been dunked on has been destroyed with words.
This oftentimes excessive act is performed with little consideration of the pride of the recipient, who appears incapable of properly defending themself.

This can take the form of public mockery, particularly online, in which a large number of people attempt to score devastating rhetorical points against an individual who has gone viral.

The performative bloodsport of dunking is particularly central to some online communities. For example, on Twitter dunking refers to a particularly savage quote-tweet response. This can spawn a dunk thread in which a large number of people attempt to dunk on the original tweet.
Ashley said something stupid online and people came out of the woodwork to dunk on her for weeks.

I haven't seen someone get dunked on so hard since Lebron let it loose against those middle schoolers.
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by TakingPotatoBack May 02, 2020
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