Acronym for "Richmond, Virginia". Generally only used by citizens, former citizens, or friends of citizens.
I'm headed up to RVA this weekend to chill with my peeps.
by Spazure Silicon February 12, 2004
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Recreational Vehicle Ass- Male or female who sits on their ass in their motorhome a lot, thus creating a huge ass.
She must own a motorhome, look at that RVA!
by Flips August 5, 2007
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By not challenging a thing or idea for which you do not believe is right or just, you trade away your responsibility for authority, a classic RVA dilemma.
by panoptican April 15, 2009
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the worst rap team in VN.You can use mean it is:shit
A:Wow Bobui shirt is very beautiful.
by vietanhoclon November 6, 2021
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