to be passed out in a seemingly uncomfortable position due to overindulgence in the use of alcohol or drugs
After consuming an entire handle of Jack Daniels and removing her shirt, Caroline passed out in the chair causing her friends to remark, "slouched."
by MSisdope5 August 20, 2010
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A person who doesn't take care of themselves; a loser.
Look at that guy. He's such a slouch.
by Patrick Walker November 10, 2005
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one who dresses bad, looks bad, and is a social outcast. One who performs badly with the opposite sex and wears torn up clothes. Is good at nothing and enjoys his weekends sitting at home
Stop playing your gameboy your such a slouch!
You wear that same sweatshirt everyday ur just a sloch
Look at that slouchy shirt your wearing...where did u get it K-Mart
Your such a have scored 0 points this season
Your the biggest slouch i sit at home and watch tv all day
by JPotts December 27, 2005
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A slouche is a slutty douche. A slutty ignorant selfish person.
My first date went great until his two booty call girls showed up and offered him a threesome right in front of me! He left the date to be with them, what a slouche!
by KiefSand September 28, 2011
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To be very high; usually on downers or weed.
-Why are you laughing so much?

~Man, I'm slouched.
by Schlong Holster September 24, 2013
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The act of leaving an online call or real life location without telling anyone or saying anything
God damnit Peter's always slouching out of discord calls
by GlibHeck February 13, 2018
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loser, complete idoit, whore, dirtiest of the dirties
Courtney Coffee is the biggest slouch of tennessee
by Annonmyous March 12, 2005
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