A derogatory term that became popular in describing hardcore fans who care more about their look rather than the music.

You can wear a studded belt and listen to country, you can have a gold grill and listen to ska, you don't have to follow just one path. When you start dying your hair two-tone because everyone else at the concerts are doing it- you've become fashioncore.

When a band's videos are more important than their lyrics, they're fashioncore.

See also: poser
Chad: I hope the blue in my hair will look hott in the club tonight. I've been practicing my 'angsty' pose.
Tom: Looks like someone went fashioncore.

Dave: Did you see The Used on Making The Video last night?
Steve: No.
Dave: That one guy kept bitching because he wasn't getting enough camera time.
Steve: How fashioncore.
by luciferenviesme June 13, 2007
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1.) {noun} Originating, as mentioned below, as a joke. The joke was then blown out of proportion and is now used as a derogatory term used to pigeonhole bands where the obligatory dress code is not camo pants, hoodie, and baseball cap that obscures vision.

Note the absence of a name that describes the music, and not the appearance.

Term is most often used by elitist, 'veritable hardcore kids' on forums flaunting their virility, whilst calling other 'pussy fags' for listening to music that they disapprove of.

Bands that have dealt with this label are, Eighteen Visions, Atreyu, Bleeding Through, Avenged Sevenfold, etc. In an interview with Outburn Issue #26, lead singer of 18V, James Hart clarifies for the masses:

Q: "What do you guys think of the term fashioncore being used to describe Eighteen Visions in the past?"

A: "It's retarded. Some kids started making shirts with that on there. It had nothing to do with us. Kids thought we were making that shirt. We're not fans of the term at all. How does the sound of your music have anything to do with the way you look? It doesn't."

2.) {adj.} Used to describe poorly misguided scenesters who hold their white studded belt in greater esteem than their highschool education. Often seen congregating with others of their kind, being as elitist as their adversaries (see above). In vernacular, also known as tool, or douchebag.

As is obvious with scene and the complete idiocy that surrounds music these days, physical presentation of a stereotype has become a higher priority than the music itself.

And essentially, isn't ALL music fashioncore? Look at the pop stars today, Scott Weiland of STP and Marilyn Manson. Isn't what they wear intended to be provocative and differ from the norm?

Yeah. That's what I thought.
1.) (noun; from actual forums) fashioncore is today's sucky music.

They are pussies that take away the name of cool hardcore bands tha shave their heads, get tattoos, and wear camo shorts!!!

2.) (adj; actual forums) No it's pseudometalcore bands that wear girl cut/designer jeans, have tight black t-shirts, dyed black hair that's messy and wear white studded belts with optional pink bandanas.
by phibroptik January 17, 2005
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the word fashioncore has been reversed and turned into something very negative. Fasioncore was orginally started as a joke between some Eighteen Vision merch guys who wore shirts that said fashioncore, as a joke. but then turned into something else, something for the hardcore kids that didnt like the current style, and wanted to look like rockstars instead of the average hardcore kid. it has nothing to do with wearing any certain type of clothing or having some certain hair cut. it just had to do with what kids wanting to dress like "rockstars" or dressing in "Nice" looking clothes. but now-a-days people think dressing in a pink t-shirt, wearing girl jeans, and having multi colored hair is fashioncore, that is considered "scene". a scene is wear everyone looks alike witch is what the hardcore has turned into.
by FxC January 15, 2005
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A complete and total embarrasement. A fad that has absolutely nothing to do with music, and more about primping. A sorry trend in todays HC music scene. The scene has grown weak and needs to be purged of all the xcorex kids who wear ear plugs, mop flops, girl jeans, spiked belt, vintage t-shirt that doesnt fit, saucony sneakers, army hat turned to the side. You are pathetic. Put your Green Day shirts back on and go listen to ska.
Fashion core is only for the truly die hard homos out there
by reverend matt August 27, 2004
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the afformentioned "fashioncore" t-shirt was created by Floyd the ex (maybe present) merch guy for taking back sunday, not 18V. it was made only to poke fun at a few so called "sceensters" Floyd saw at a show who, upon exiting the pit proceded to check their hair in there shiney aviator sunglasses. only a hand full of shirts were made, although plans for a slew of fashioncore merch were kicked around all were eventually squashed.
fashioncore was a joke, dont get caught up in the trends.
by UEvegas August 14, 2005
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Now, I've noticed people that are actually writing these definitions hate the term and therefore have very biased opinion. In order to really understand what it means, you have to be open to it, or maybe even consider yourself “fashionxcore.”

Fashionxcore is a term NOT only for “scene-sters” and people in bands that are image conscious. To be fashionxcore you have to be fashion forward, very confident with wearing stuff that not everyone will have the guts to wear. It just so happens that those people tend to be the show goers and bands. They tend to have the most outrageous hair, the most impressive style. And it’s a tad irritating that people seem to hold that against them.

Guys in skinny tight girls pant? Not every guy is so confident with his sexuality that he can actually pull those off without feeling like a fag, same goes for the hair. Usually the people “bashing” fashionxcore are people that don’t understand it and/or don’t have enough confidence to pull off anything as drastic themselves.

It has turned into somewhat of a joke, but that’s fine. To each their own.
"isn't that guy SOOOOO fashioncore???"
by xogabixo November 9, 2006
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deroogatory term for people--usually girls--who combine scene/emo styles and culture with popular styles in an attempt to look ARTSY and ORIGINAL (often looks like they copied whatever is on Taget's ad posters or ads from Seventeen stitch for stich)
fashioncore: scene girl w/septum ring wearing mukluks, uggs, tight sweaters, hideous and expensive boots, a little eco friendly book bag (loves to talk in a husky voice about ART and ORIGINALITY and how much REALITY SUCKS)
Also: a scene kid wearing in-style/preppy clothes or whatever the fashion models in teen magazines are wearing
by Headache636 December 2, 2008
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