The waist fat on a female that hangs over her tight low-rise jeans. Referring to the waist fat of a plumber.
Dude, get a load of the overhang on that plumber.
by lorraine January 10, 2004
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(n) - the mental state that arises after a solid night of shitshowing. It generally involves complete and utter ineptitude at any semblance of productive activity for a time span ranging from 6 to 12 hours post-wake up.
A bathroom door opens somewhere
sometime after noon and hits a person lying on the floor.

"Oh shit, I didn't know you were sleeping here."
"I've got the worst overhang."
"Did you just say overhang?"
"Are you retarded now?"
"Come on, let's go get some food. I'm starving."
"No. I'll stay here."
"You're on the bathroom tile."
"I like it here."
by hella24 May 4, 2009
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When one posseses an extremely large cock exceeding 8 inches in length and a lot of girth
You can tell leon has an overhang wang when he walks down the aisle.
by dp guy October 26, 2011
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a) part of a slice of ham overlapping the edge of the bread which is about to be placed in a toasted cheese sandwich and which could spoil in cooking if not carefully replaced;

b) parts of the 'labia major' jutting out of the side of a g-string and which take the form of an interesting fleshy protrusion
"Hey - Antony! Check out the ham overhang on my toastie before you put it in the Breville. Don't want it to spoil!"

"Sure, Fulsome. Sorry. I was in a world of my own thinking about that babe last night. When she walked by on the mezzanine I caught an eyeful of HER ham overhang!
by Jeremyhotpepper May 24, 2011
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a) the piece of a slice of ham which hangs outside the bread when a sandwich or toastie is prepared and, if not tucked back in, can burn and spoil the finished product.

b) parts of the labia which protrude from either side or both sides of the gusset of women's panties or g-string.
a) "Watch the other side of your sandwich, Horatio - there's a ham overhang and you don't want it to burn in the toaster!"

b) "Check out the babe with the tartan mini on, Ephraim - when she uncrosses her legs there's a clear ham overhang!"
by Jeremyhotpepper August 6, 2011
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Aussie slang - to receive a headjob/blowjob.
That dirty trollop gave me a wingnut overhang last night.
by Josh Wicks January 15, 2007
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When you can see the booty cheeks from the gap between ones thighs.
her ass so fat you can see the bootycheek overhang from the front.
by GoofTornado May 16, 2020
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