A word first coined as a means of expressing an otherwise inexpressible level of sheer dumb located in one certain hoes head.
Joe: Did you hear about the guy who smoked 20 pounds of weed?
Jack: Yeah, he reached a new level of dumbness. Wish I was him.
by Tyler Durdensonstein October 17, 2011
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Something that many people stores in place of not believing everything from television and internet
like people who thinks that size of breast is measurement of value as woman
by anonymous. April 19, 2004
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a common term used when someone is being stupid or idiotic... or just dumb, made into a noun. (c)amanda ryyla
by amanda December 29, 2005
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Certain people who portray a level of retardedness vastly greater than the general populous.
"Hey SSgt! YOU'RE A DUMB DUMB!" (Candido)
by The Great Khaliba December 23, 2008
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A common term for someone acting in a stupid manner.
"YuB is being a dumb dumb"
by RobombRobot June 18, 2019
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Audrey told what to the cops? That bitch is dumb-dumb.
by Stuntin on ya December 18, 2010
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A terrible disease that makes you unable to brain.
I can't brain today...I have The Dumb
by MissCellany May 12, 2010
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