Somebody who cheats on their wife with a prostitute in Nevada.
Dumb cheated on his wife with a prostitute in Nevada.
by __anon_ October 15, 2019
Dumb (duhm) means very pretty. Many times when you like someone you can refer to them as dumb, so no one thinks you like them and no one finds out. It is like a code.
"Yo, Ben is kinda dumb."
"Don't you like them?"
"Yes, yes I do"
by thewrapper29746 March 31, 2021
Dumb means you don’t know how to think or your just really stupid, stupid enough to look Dumb up
Person 1: Your really extremely dumb
Person 2: Hunny, I was born dumb
by Reesey pieces November 9, 2019
And mmchsbcc
Bd jxjsjsbn dumb
by Idgaf742 June 4, 2021