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The most brilliant YouTuber in the universe. There is no debate.
Me: Yo, you seen YuB's new video?
You: Yeah, I almost started crying it was so funny!
by Raina_The_Rogue June 07, 2018
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A really awesome you tuber , named Dylan.
have you seen YuBs new tattletale video?

yeaaahaaaa broooooo its was awesome!!
by Sammy~~~ February 16, 2017
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Yoo have you seen Yub's new video

Yaa bro it was YuBtastic
by YuBscriber February 19, 2019
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A large quantity of any substance. Usually the largest possible size.
That is one yub of mayonnaise they sell.

" 'small' soda at the stores deli is 24oz. 'small' 'bucket' and 'yub' are their sizes. -HuweyII
by JrMint November 01, 2004
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in-game derogatory phrase YUB! = 'You Useless Bugger/Bastard'!
in-game chat for poor play/abuse directed at a player/s - YUB!
by Gryphen July 10, 2019
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Confirmation of something
Person 1: Is your favorite color blue?

Person 2: Yub
by TornadoThrasher August 24, 2003
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