at least some bottom articles of clothing remain on one or both sexual participants while they engage in the "motions" of sex (thrusting, etc) without actual penetration
"The dry sex was gay... well it was!" (LOL. can't believe you said this)
by lisagirl April 8, 2003
masturbation sex where one or both of the partners are still clothed between the belly & the crotch, dry humping takes place, and one or both have an orgasm but there is no exchange of body fluids because of the layer of clothing. Called "dry" because there is no natural lubrication.
Nancii and I have dry sex during her period.
by Jake March 6, 2004
The overflowing dance floor looked like a one thousand person orgy of dry sex.
by EG3R October 26, 2007
Yah our clothes were on but we stil had dry sex
by K October 11, 2003
haveing sex with your colth on, and involves vigorous humping and making out, as long as you have something covering your genital area the sex is considered dry
dude i wrecked that chick with me cloths on. that was some very good dry sex
by eric93 September 8, 2008
Its something to do when your to young to have
sex. Its like Dry Humping Which is humping
with cloths on.
Spencer and I had dry sex last night.
I cumed like so much.
by DeathFixation December 6, 2006
Sexual intercoarse were the femal is naked except for the panties. The man rubs his penis on her untill he cums. 97% safer that penis to vagina intercoarse.
by JKD February 24, 2003