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refers to cocaine,blow,coke
nigga i stay fuckin wit dat white girl
by k March 11, 2005

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honest, blunt
i'm not being mean, just frank.
by K April 25, 2003

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An extremely chill town on the coast in San Diego's North County. If you like the beach and dank Mexican food, make a visit.
How could you not love living in Encinitas?
by k March 15, 2005

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A male BDSM rubber/leather slave. Specificaly, refers to slave in full-body suit - eg, rubber leather enclosure suits, and (this is the key thing) a full head mask.
Ah, I see you've brought your gimp along. Doesn't he look sweet with that ball gag in his mouth? Is he well behaved?
by k February 06, 2004

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1.) Shortstop for the New York Yankees. He is definitley not overrated. Though statistically he is not the greatest SS in baseball, anyone who has seen him play knows that in all other respects he is. Perfect example...July 1, 2004 against the Sox. He is a fanastic player, and is pretty easy on the eyes as well.
Jeter is better than Nomar (who's not bad, but still not as good as DJ) and pretty much every other SS out there.
by K July 22, 2004

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Someone you call over JUST for sex..when you're horney and bored!
I was bored with fucking myself so I called (their name here) for a booty call....
by K August 20, 2003

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A person of Finnish origin; a person who comes from Finland.
That's one crazy Finn.
by K March 24, 2004

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