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The European release title of Fatal Frame, a horror game where you battle ghosts using only a camera. So far the series has two instalments, ProjectZERO and ProjectZERO: Crimson Butterfly.
"I love ProjectZERO, it is full of random sexxage."
by K November 27, 2004
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he's funny, sweet, fun and mysertious..one of the people id most like to know better
by K October 9, 2003
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Awsome to the "est" degree.
Tang thinks Chinese are the awsomest.
by K November 30, 2004
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abbrev. for "down low," as in "keep it on the down low," i.e. keep it quiet; mum's the word
I heard Chantuese though J was a hater til he showed her what a lover he could be. But I got that on the DL, so don't be broadcasting it.

by K February 12, 2003
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"damn he is so hot !! true like ice true like fire."
by K September 9, 2003
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*looks at name tag* "Hey guys look at me, I'm Hot Girl #37!!"
by K May 8, 2003
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one who cannot beat my crash score on burnout2
ben, you are a choad.
eat choad, you choad.
I hope u die....choad.
by K August 2, 2004
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