1) To tell a story, which more or less at any given moment contains a dubious amount of exaggeration. (To spin a yarn)

2) To have conversation with someone, most likely pertaining to trivial matters.
1) To spin a yarn - "One time I saw this dog driving a car, and it was wearing a cape!"

2)"I'll see you later on, we'll catch up and have a bit of a yarn"
by wads millenia October 9, 2003
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It is a lavish or artsy way of saying the Filipino word "iyan" or "yan", meaning "that" or "is that". Yarn is often used in the rhetorical questions, in order to address or emphasize the subject
"Pink yarn?"
"Ganda yarn?"
by kurisukurisu May 1, 2022
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Fibre. Natural or synthetic, for example wool, nylon. Often found as one continuous thread bound into a ball, used for knitting.
"the damn kittens got my ball of yarn! how am i going to knit my leg warmers now!"
by hal October 14, 2003
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Instead Of Yeah
Instead of Awesome
nartwell: "Did you get that Joke?"
spunkmeyer: "Yarn."
Bort: "Let's go smoke some dope"
goose: "Yarny"
by Mikel May 14, 2003
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The number one thing kittens can't resist playing with despite knowing the consequences; basically kryptonite but for kittens.
*rolls ball of yarn in front of kitten*
Kitten: mus not plai wif teh yarn..... mus... resis...
*few seconds later*
Kitten: YARN!!!!!! *gets into a tangled mess*
by Mary Mary Quite The Contrarian November 7, 2019
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A mental erection caused by the sight of either a beautiful skein of yarn or a remarkably well-made knitted object. Useful for knitting nerds only.
Man, that sweater was so gorgeous it gave me an instant yarn-on!
by devleger December 22, 2008
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Yarn is a filipino slang used for teasing or describing.
Feeling handsome yarn?? ( Feeling gwapo yarn?? )
Smart yarn?? ( Matalino yarn?? )
by tilted2 April 3, 2022
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