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Internet shorthand for "Got to go". Also, it can mean "good to go", depending on the context.
Good to go:
"Say, I'm heading out. You coming?"

Got to go:
"Shoot, it's almost midnight. gtg."
by Mephianse September 08, 2004
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when you don't have the time to write a long bye.
by kel December 09, 2003
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Slang for the internet acronym "Got To Go." Is also sometimes phrased as "G2G". Used as a goodbye message or simply saying that the player has to get off their computer.
James - "Up for another match?"
Bob - "Nah, sorry mate, GTG."
by Hipstacat May 16, 2013
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Means gotta go. But it has evolved into something more like i dont wanna txt you anymore
Person: Whats up?
Person 2: Nothinnnn.
Person:hey gtg bye
by personthatsubmits stuff August 31, 2010
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Good to Go. Can mean leaving or having to go. In military slang it is similar to acknowledged.
"Sergeant, we are rolling out at zero-shit-thirty" "Good to go Sir (gtg). I will pass word"
by wertyy102 October 25, 2016
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