the most amazing person alive
aka: kind heart, sweet smile, strong morals, quick wit, funny in his own way, puts family first, works hard, plays harder, makes everyone around him feel special, cares more for others than himself, and loves unconditionally
by briwos3 June 16, 2011
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The most amazing guy you'll ever want to meet. A true gentleman. He may get angry at times but he would never harm a female and stands up for people who need it. If you're his girl, you should consider yourself the luckiest girl in the world because he's the best guy you could ever find. He loves to make his girl feel special and beautiful. He loves country music, MMA/UFC, and dorkish movies and TV shows like Star Wars and Family Guy. He has the cutest smile and the silliest laugh. He has a heart of gold and deserves the best!
Jared is the keeper of my heart.
by SMN September 9, 2012
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The most sexy/ sweet man alive has the biggest dick I've ever had the prettiest eyes best fighter strong

Incredible kisser and smart
Jared is amazing in bed
Jared is a good fighter
by Jared is the best March 4, 2017
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Wilbur Soot's biggest rival in love. He is known for his muscles, fashion sense and for stealing Wilbur's girl.
by teodoramaria1310 February 1, 2021
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The new boyfriend. He's the one who took you away from me. He has a great jawline, nice shoulders, and muscles. He's in your bed while I'm in your Twitch chat. He's just a doormat.
Yeah I've met Jared. Of course I've met Jared.
by dreamnotfoundwastaken June 22, 2022
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A reluctant sword smith, women tend to trip over their tongues as he passes by. usually reviled by other males for having mythical penis girth. Usually compared to god like figures such as Zeus and Thor.

one of the greatest Jared's was delivered to planet earth in 1975 via non earth like space craft - is also allergic to Kryptonite.
probably the best all round rooter in the solar system, women have been known to gush uncontrollably and pass out at the mere sight of his powerful index and middle fingers - so he wears ski gloves in public - or hand prosthesis.
Once pointed at chuck Norris and Barry Dawson in a pub and told them to leave, Barry ran, Chuck fell to his knees and orgasmed uncontrollably - he wasn't wearing any gloves that day.

Everyone should nickname their penis Jared.
Fuck! I thought he was at the fortress of solitude! I better leave town, I heard he wants to fuck my wife and sister!

"Jared" I thought HE was the god of thunder, maybe he's Thor's Grandfather?
by Rooster 00027 May 28, 2011
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Basically God himself.
Dude, I worship Jared everynight.
by Fuckme456 January 14, 2018
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