a very versatile word, in most cases used to replace "that" "this" "there" "those" "them" "it" "her" "him" or virtually any noun. rising in popularity, "das" will soon uncover its true effectiveness once people are tired of using pointless nouns that place objects in generalized groups. see (Nas) > n: ahs
1) joe: what is das?

2) bob: an adapter plate for a threaded headset.

1) Joe: the fucking traffic!!

2) bob: I know, i think it is das subway car blocking the thruway
by monkeydiapers May 1, 2010
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Code for "would you hit it." Used when an attractive female passes by and there's little time to inform surrounding friends.
A particularly fine girl walks by.

Eric: "Das?"
Quinn: "Na Das, I'm more into 3rd graders"
by Evan D. August 3, 2007
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A shortened word for thats
"das sensational" or
"das really great"
by coate June 6, 2004
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The word soon to replace 'the', German origin
Das shit, Das boiz of schummer, Das uber cannon
by Schmidt April 25, 2003
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That's, for hip-hoppers, and want-to-be hip-hoppers. Often paired with 'coo'.
"Jimmy just bought a new stereo."
"Das coo, das coo."
by Lawler. August 22, 2003
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Informal term often used in front of a persons name; Usage originated in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States

Stems from the German word meaning "the" and "that".
das Talia is hot!
by Jason Martin March 10, 2004
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-dude i went to go take a crap in my girlfriends bathroom.

-bro thats das.
by hipppppppiyyyyyyyy February 27, 2011
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