A euphemistic word for a vagina. Works well when complimented with park.
Me: I'm gonna get all up in your driveway
Girl: Just don't hit my mailbox again
Me: Um...what?

Someone else: I'm gonna park in your driveway
Girl: Um, excuse me?
Someone else: ...Well...I guess i could park up your street?
Girl: Ugh, you are so immature.
Someone else: Um...what?
by stalkingturkey October 14, 2007
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something like a road that is for parking cars on that leads to your house.
I parked my car on the driveway.
by trinbin October 31, 2003
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a place where one PARKS their automobile...often confused with PARKway
I'm going to park my car in your driveway
by Jebus July 5, 2003
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The opposite of “for the streets.” Someone you’d actually want as a girlfriend.
Nah she’s a keeper, she’s for the driveway.
by Ogdefiner August 8, 2020
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The art of pulling up into someones driveway that looks like noone is home and having one friend bang on the door under the pretense of asking for directions or some such for like five minutes to determine if anyone is home.When noone answers the friend and any passengers grab as much as they can from the porch or yard that looks appealing or valuable and gets back in the car.Then the driver hauls ass.
Dude we just got back from drivewaying out in the country, will you pawn these tools and pushmower for me? Oh, check out this yard gnome.
by The Water Gun Tweaker December 22, 2005
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A phrase to describe how close a romantic couple or fling live from one another. They are in such close proximity they can have foreplay on the driveway.
He lives so close to me, we could have Foreplay on the Driveway
by PhraseTheLord September 15, 2019
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the area between a man's balls and his butthole; a taint
"The key to any man's heart is through his taint, a.k.a. the devil's driveway." -Tom Segura
by White Cheddar January 27, 2016
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