When you are a cool person from Australia then your home is down under
I'm going back down under, mate.
by Adam June 29, 2003
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Traditionally a colloquial term for the land of Australia.
A great place of diverse environments and people.
Does have a history of convict incarceration, as pointed out in other posts. However these convicts were for the most part men whom were unwilling to kneel to the oppressive English justice system and so were "swept" over to Australia. The results of which have been a nation of extremely hard men, who have developed a kickass culture of sportsmen and beer drinkers... in other words England chopped off its balls and sailed em to Oz. hehe
"i come from a land down under"
"where women glow and men plunder"...
by TaghMor March 10, 2008
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-Could you touch me down under?
-Where, in Australia?
-No, not in the continent, you silly wanker! In my cunt!
by dildo777 July 25, 2016
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Down under AKA Australia, the greatest place on earth. Not to be confused with New Zealand although it could be classed as another Australian State.
How bout an aussie kiss, it's like a french one but down under.
by Trooper January 2, 2006
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Can be used to describe the geographical location Australia or slang for oral sex.
1. Australia, ex. "Hey, did you know Jamie's from down under? I thought he was British!"
2. Oral sex, ex. "I was with Leshur last night, she wanted me to go down under but she smelt like fish."
by BossAssBitchKnowShit September 13, 2015
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To eat pussy, another way to say snatch snacking or tongue tetherball
I was too tired to fuck, so I spent last night with Cicely down under.
by bif January 6, 2006
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a country called australia not NEW ZEALAND u dumb asses where the land is great n SOME gurls r pretty, n to most new zealand people who think that nz is good n australia is jus full of prisoners...times change u know oh wait.....islanders havent changed they still live in the past n at least we r not sheep fuckers bloody maoris cept for a couple :D
bob:where are u from?
jenny:im from australia u know the LAND DOWN UNDER
bob:ahhh cool lets go chuck some shrimp on the barbie(trying to sound aussie which americans suk at imatating!!!!!!)
jenny: u fuck face y u trying to sound aussie u sound like a fucking yobo aussie's dont talk like that n we dont chuck fucking sea creatures on the barbie its called a snag u know a fucking sausage....
bob:wow settle down n suck my cock
jenny: shut the fuck up......u know wat ur mouth is bigger then ur ego
bob: i said suck my cock
jenny:i got told not to stick fucking small things in my mouth fuck stick
tim:OI OI OI
bob: bloody aussie's
jenny:u just wish u had a holden
tim: ahh wat bob supports fords
fred:lets fuckin hurt the yankie
by vics n nics...... January 5, 2006
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