A casual address to ones wife / husband / or sweetheart. Of Korean origin
Suju mugalay Yobo?
Tungsinin Yobo motesingyetda!
by Jim Braun October 10, 2003
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They type that drive pimp-my-ride hatchbacks with speakers the size of small houses and wear baggy track suits from sports direct with the trousers around the bottom of their arse cheeks.
by Sly Saville July 8, 2015
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a youthful hobo, a young unemployed, mostly male individual with no fixed abode.

Who constantly requests freebees from friends.

A general leech on ones resources.
Mitch: Do you wanna go for a smoke?

Keat: Yeah man

Mitch: have you got a tenner, i will pay you back friday

Danny: Mitch your such a yobo
by Punk Python Bear January 15, 2013
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Hawaiian Pidgin slang for a person of Korean descent, usually those who live in Hawaii.

It comes from the Korean word “yeobo (여보)”, meaning “darling”.
Kawika: See the yobo ova dea?
Kanoa: I do. I tink he run da church on da odda street, yeah?

By the way, on a serious note, how come like 90% of churches I visit are owned by Korean families? What’s up with that?
by kmgk June 29, 2020
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When you get a boner from watching a yogurt commerical. Especially the activia ones.
Dude I totes got a yobo watching an Activia commercial
by Jojoandcompany March 31, 2019
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A yuppie hobo. Often seen drinking 22 or 40 oz. higher end beers such as Budweiser or Sam Adams instead of eighball, mad dog,thunderbird, or wild irish rose. Also known to eat campbells soup (heated over a fire of course).
We were on the beach and some goddamn yobo stole my Birkenstocks!
by Yoboface Killa August 14, 2004
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Korean mistress. GI Korean word. From the Korean word yobo-say-o meaning hello.
Miss Kim is my yobo.
by WMB April 23, 2006
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