a awesum person from NEW ZEALAND where they dont fuck sheep and are better than australians because ozzies only went to australia because they were prisners
people like acon steriogram russell crowe peter jackson etc come from there
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Land down under was a song by the band men at work in the mid 80s the song is about Australia and how there's a huge storm coming
by easy t April 05, 2018
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1 - Australia (Also known as "The Land Down Under", not to be confused with the song titled "Down Under" by the band called "Men at Work")
2 - The balls, or testicles, of a human male (typically).
1 - "Do you come from the land down under? Where women go and men plunder?"
2 - P1:"I don't know why the snake chose to bite me there"

P2: "Where?"
P1: "Down under... it wasn't fun."
p2:"Oof, I bet."
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by Ciel1820 September 22, 2019
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A great song by Men at Work. The song is better know as the Australian national anthem.
I was listening to down under and all of the sudden started eating vegimite with a crocodile.
by Godman1 September 10, 2020
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