14 definitions by bif

DEF: A hood rat with nice clothes.
Origin: Paris Hilton is woman who is only famous because she had/has sex with many, many men.
Anne thinks she's Paris Hilton but she's just a hood rat with nice clothes.
by bif December 11, 2004
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When you’re rockin a real good outfit and you feeling fine af
AYYYY last night I was bustin a fit at the party.

Yeah you were rockin a real good outfit and feelin fine af
by bif December 27, 2018
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Def: Someone who will do anything to get what he or she wants.

Origin: Crack is such an addictive drug women will trade sex for it.
Playboy, Tyronne is such a crack ho. Just to eat sushi, he offered to wash Keshia's car.
by bif December 10, 2004
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Literally means ok then. Popular with fat cornish bus drivers. Often comes before m'lover (my lover, meant in a non sexual way.) Often used when thank'u'an seems too complicated.
by bif March 17, 2005
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Actor Luke Wilson: Butterscotch is a hair color that is a combination of blonde and light brown. A stallion usually refers to a guy with a large penis.
It is alleged that Luke Wilson is a butterscotch stallion. The name was given to him by the gossip rag "Defamer" whose gay editor is jealous of Luke Wilson's large "talent".
by bif January 6, 2006
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the best hit-up that the world has eva seen
Bedik is the shiznit
by bif September 16, 2003
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To eat pussy, another way to say snatch snacking or tongue tetherball
I was too tired to fuck, so I spent last night with Cicely down under.
by bif January 6, 2006
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