Small central California brewery located in Chico. Best known for its green label Pale Ale. A Californian staple at quality bars and parties. Quite possibly the best beer brewed, period! Ya hear that England!
Do you have Sierra Nevada on tap?
I take a pitcher!
by Col. Blumpkin March 2, 2005
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beer,one of the best pale al's ive ever had
listen bitch i want a sieera nevada pale al right F'en NOW !
by stoph April 7, 2005
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A breed of wild mosquito that lives high in the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains and is particularly hearty . They live at or above the snow line, are immune to most bug and mosquito repellents and some drink Deet for breakfast and after dinner .
Those dam Sierra Nevada Mosquitos stole my Deet and drank it like it was beer. Then they tried to drag me into the bushes and have their way with me.
by Drog65 July 25, 2019
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term referring to the breasts of a flat-chested hippie
If her legs weren't hairy, her hair were clean, and if she didn't have Sierra Nevada Pancakes, she might be cute.
by Jodiel February 29, 2008
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An amazing brew of beer that is made in Chico, California. Is easily one of the best American beers out there because it actually has taste. 5.6% Alcohol content means that you get drunk faster than if you were drinking a Bud light(2.5%), and it has all natural ingredients
Me: Hey what are you guys drinking?
Typical Bro: Coors light man.
Nascar Fan: A Budweiser, the king of beers.
Me: Wow, you two must like men...
Me: Drink Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
by RealMenComeFromEurope April 15, 2006
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