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Used to add emphasis to the ending of a phrase. Usually spoken with a slight pause prior to it, and with a deeper voice than normal.
Lets go get some food--I'm fucking hungry dot com.
by Keens February 09, 2004
To define someone or something as extremley unusual or different. Not an insult.
My crazy professor is a little bit of a weird-bird.
by Keens February 09, 2004
To be cool; awesome

A noun--fecal matter from a pooper.
That is so ass shit!

Hey, who's ass shit is that?
by Keens February 13, 2004
Spoken quickly, and at a higher pitch than normal--similar to a record being scratched by a DJ. To add emphasis to doing something--used at the end of the sentence. To use as a parting gesture between friends. Also, can be used as a space filler--similar to "umm."
1.Hey, lets go to the store--wik-it!

2. I'll talk to you later; peace out, wik-it!
by Keens February 09, 2004
To fart; release gas; flatulence.
Hi, little bobby, did you just bum trumpet?
by keens February 11, 2004
Underarm deodorant
Man, you smell; did you use a pit-stick today?
by Keens February 10, 2004
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