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Somebody who works in a fast-food outlet flipping hamburgers, possibly lacking the ability to do anything much more mentally taxing. Also loosely applied to other unqualified, unmotivated workers who come into contact with customers. Anybody who is forced to talk to the public while wearing a baseball cap bearing the company logo (and who is not a baseball player) probably qualifies.
I wanted a cup of hot coffee, but the burger flipper behind the counter said they only sell cold coffee now, in case people sue.
by Linton November 6, 2003
1. Rapid, uncontrollable bleeding. 2. To lose money, friends etc at an alarming rate or in a seemingly unstoppable cycle.
His company had hemorrhaged a billion dollars, his furious temper meant he was hemorraging friends at the rate of five a day, so he shot himself and hemorrhaged all over the carpet.
by Linton July 12, 2003
Very old-fasioned upper-class British expression seeking agreement with whatever you've just said. Similar to "don't you think?"
She's a fine piece of totty, what-what?
by Linton February 16, 2004
Plural of jock. US slang for the thick-but-amiable athletic types that always do well socially.
Why do cheerleaders always date jocks?
by Linton November 6, 2003
British Broadcasting Corporation. Britain's largest broadcaster and the world's largest news gathering organisation.

In the UK, the BBC accounts for more hours of TV viewing and radio listening than any other organisation. A combination of populist shows, public service programming and respected news, BBC TV could perhaps best be described to Americans as NBC, PBS and CNN combined. Only better, and without the advertising.

Internationally, the BBC is best known for its news coverage. Of course this is horribly biased. For example, where it shares an audience with Fox News, viewers report that the BBC broadcasts a special left-wing anti-American news service, nicknamed the "commie bastard special". Yet where it shares an audience with Al Jazera it is said by viewers to offer a notoriously pro-western, anti-Islamic message, locally termed the "honest George and Tony show".
The BBC is the best reason not to leave Britain at the earliest opportunity.
by Linton July 12, 2003
Literally, when somebody's brain has stopped functioning such that they will never regain conciousness, hence coloquially somebody who is idiotic, dumb or clueless beyond belief. Similar to "too stupid to live".
You dented my car, you braindead fuck!
by Linton July 11, 2003
When used by online pornographers, a person between the ages of 18 and 25 (approximately)
Youngest teens on the web! (all models 18 or over)
by Linton July 12, 2003