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Originated from the Jewish/Cuban origin. The state of mind in which one is beyond the reach of the normal world. This involves getting completely belligerent and vomiting on walls, doors, limos, and on many other objects.
"God damn I am getting dopped the fuck out tonight"

"Holy shit! David is dopped out! he just blew chunks all over the fucking wall"

"Damn dude, i was so dopp last night that i pissed all over the bathroom floor when the toilet was half a foot away from me"
by woati May 26, 2009
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(Adj.)- The absolute most the human body can consume alcohol without alcohol poisoning. Usually used to describe the state of intoxication the human mind is in when one is completely inebriated. All regular motor skills stop functioning, speaking becomes incoherent, and next day memory loss usually occurs. Having sex while dopped is known to be the best!
I was so fucking dopped last night what happen?

God! I went dopp, where are my shoes?

Don't stop 'till you go dopp!
by Dopp May 27, 2009
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