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-something that is utterly crazy
- A game of ping pong played on a small table with a net made out of masking tape with "Utter Chaos" written on it.
CHODE: "Did you see that?"
OLD MAN JENKINS: "Yeah, that was utter chaos!"
by SalsaBoy February 11, 2003
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Phonetically: Ooter-Chows The more extreme version of Utter Chaos. Derived from the German Utter (pronounced ooter), the word exemplifies the random occurrence of events. Chaos (pronounced with the hard CH as in chance AND aos pronounced ows), combines with Utter to form an adjective. The adjective modifies moments that are directly or indirectly caused by raging entirely too hard.
"Wow that party was Utterchaos. I can't believe she did that to him and in the closet, too. Gross"
by Truth is not an ideal February 13, 2012
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