Depending on context can mean to masturbate or to ejaculate.
“Guys come on, who dopped in the shower?”
“Someone tell Eric to stop dopping in his single”
by chxndler December 06, 2019
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(Adj.)- The absolute most the human body can consume alcohol without alcohol poisoning. Usually used to describe the state of intoxication the human mind is in when one is completely inebriated. All regular motor skills stop functioning, speaking becomes incoherent, and next day memory loss usually occurs. Having sex while dopped is known to be the best!
I was so fucking dopped last night what happen?

God! I went dopp, where are my shoes?

Don't stop 'till you go dopp!
by Dopp May 27, 2009
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Dead opp
The term opp is short for opposition
The only good opp is a dopp (dead opp)
by Csah November 04, 2020
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It only has one meaning: Oh eed dopp da waddeeyott. Nothing else. That also means a word has one meaning. Two meanings:
Toh deed dopp da waddeeyott
Troh deed dopp da waddeeyott
Quoh deed dopp da waddeeyott
Foh deed dopp da waddeeyott
Xoh deed dopp da waddeeyott
Soh deed dopp da waddeeyott
Eoh deed dopp da waddeeyott
Noh deed dopp da waddeeyott
Oh seed mash datt dedda moddeeyott
Oh seedro Oh deep deet da waddeeyott
Oh seedro Toh deet da waddeeyott
by PenguinedPsyduck0xq0 February 23, 2021
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The person in the group who keeps things on the rails
"This podcast would be utter chaos without Joe sounding the horn and curbing the nonsense"
"Yeah he is such a Daniel Dopp"
by cptduck31 August 22, 2016
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