4 definitions by chxndler

College kids traveling around the country with $20 flights knowing that coronavirus for their demographic just means the sniffles so they aren’t risking much. Online college courses mean that they can study from anywhere
For our next stop on the Coronavirus Tour, let’s mob Florida or maybe Rhinebeck
by chxndler March 14, 2020
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A vagina so shallow only a micro penis can fit in.
- “Hey I had sex with Sophie last night”
- “I heard she has a micropussy though.”
-“Yes, I have a micro penis so it was a good fit. Sort of like Cinderella’s shoe”
-“I heard Cinderella has a megapussy.”
-“No that’s just fairy tale, she has a normal sized vagina.”
by chxndler February 10, 2021
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Depending on context can mean to masturbate or to ejaculate.
“Guys come on, who dopped in the shower?”
“Someone tell Eric to stop dopping in his single”
by chxndler December 06, 2019
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When you put your hand in a puppet and the air that’s pushed out makes a noise
“I had a ventriloqueef while I was working that kid’s birthday party
by chxndler May 30, 2021
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