Bob:I wonder what Isaiah is doing.
Joe:he is looking at urban dictionary definitions.
by MaryDidYou December 18, 2018
Isaiah is the freaking most amazing friend/boyfriend in the world. He's outgoing, wild, fun, and smartess person you'll ever meet. He'll be there for you whenever you need him no matter what the situation and he's a good listener. He's an amazing friend and great to all. He doesn't really settle down for relationships but when he does the girl has to be near perfection for his standards. He is a top lover and knows how to treat a girl and make her smile. He's also hilarious, crazy and weird in all types of way. Isaiah may seem arrogant and nonchalant at times but cares for all friends and family and will do anything for them. He loves to perform but does not like to be the center of attention. He enjoys doing things on his own and doesn't like asking for help. People will fall for his weird ways and charming-ness. If you have a Isaiah as a friend be happy. If you have him as a lover be lucky because he's amazing with women and a great lover! In all if you have an Isaiah never let him go!
Girl #1: Isaiah is the bestfriend I can rely on, the boyfriend I can love, the brother I can play with and is my fatherly figure in my life when boys look my way.
Girl #2: Wow, I want an Isaiah!
by A.Love<3 November 22, 2012
Isaiah is a lovable person who is very cute funny hot and sweet he always finds His way into people's hearts
Omg I love Isaiah he is so cute sweet hot and more 💕 I love you Isaiah
A great friend who will feel like a brother to all who know him well.

He is loyal to his friends but doesn't like to socialize very much. He's a good person to go to when you're in need for a good laugh. He falls in love very rarely but normally the girl doesn't know or doesn't care. He's very geeky. He likes dogs. He is a good person that not many people know. He has short black hair and chocolate brown eyes. You can have hour long calls and not realize time has passed.
Isaiah is my big brother
by Mrs.joker2016 December 20, 2016
Isaiah is the type of person you will fall in love with slowly. With his smile, he can light up your day and his laugh will be music to your ears. As a friend, he is a good listener, he's so funny that your ass falls off and he will be there for you if you let him. As a boyfriend, he's something you shouldn't miss. He's everything you will ever want and will call you babygirl because fuck its cute and he will say "i love you" a lot but he genuinely means it. Isaiah's sarcasm is so strong some people have a hard time telling if he's serious or joking. If you get Isaiah's bad side, you will regret it. So if I were you I wouldn't be pushing his buttons so easy. Overall, he's a lowkey caring person that watches over all his friends and will have your back. He's honest and a really good sense of humor. He plays the piano which is a really big turn on for girls. So if you ever meet an Isaiah, your memories turn into something real lit.
Nah Isaiah doesn't need any example stuff. You guys get the point
by kash_money May 14, 2016
Isaiah is a cool dude who is misunderstood at times. He cares about all of his friends in major ways and will always have your back. He may have crude humor at times but will put a smile on your face no doubt. He lives to please others and is shy around people he doesn't trust and whenever hes alone he is a huge nerd. Isaiah is a huge gamer and is good nonetheless. Everyone is friends with Isaiah whether they say it or not.
Friend 1"Omg Isaiah said the rudest joke!"

Friend 2"Who cares Isaiah said it so it was funny."
by asah-dude-bro-beans November 10, 2017
Name of Hebrew origin from the Semitic name "Yesha'yahu" or "Yesha'ya" meaning "The LORD saves." An Isaiah , any Isaiah is a very principled, wise man who is kindhearted, lovable and intelligent. Because of his intellect, he questions everything and loves knowledge and wisdom itself. And because of his genuine kindness and platonic love for all people, he makes no enemies, and those who aren't his friends appreciate his acquaintance. He is very handsome and of very good looks but does not just focus on his looks like trivial people do. Nevertheless, he focuses more on the morale of the heart and success and working hard to achieve his goals in life and be lucrative. He's the best person you'll meet but don't get on his bad side because he like any other human can get angry and seek revenge, and it's not pretty if an ISAIAH seeks revenge.
Person 1: "I have a crush on a boy named Isaiah."
Person 2: "Yaaassss girl, you better go talk to him. I heard people named Isaiah are the best people you can fall in love with and make love Heaven on Earth."