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a worthless, shiftless individual who fails to take responsibility for their own and the life they create; a seeker of self gratification at societies expense; a bum; a bottom feeding opened palmed individual; a slacker. Taken from the phrase, not worth a dog's ass.
Walmart fired Tyrone's dog ass for stealing Astro glide.

Sarah should take Tim's dog ass to court for child support.
by urban wisdom November 20, 2007
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A person most cretinous in both appearance and habits.A tramp or person of low social standing.Possibly originates from afro american street slang.
"Stop hanging around outside my store you DOGASS go pick up butts somewheres else."
by Mugwump November 11, 2004
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Refers to something that is bad, typically frustrating in the process.
That was the worst sandwich I've ever was total dog ass.

Some dog ass stole my car stereo!
by Mediocrates May 19, 2004
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An adverb commonly used with the verb taste to describe an edible food item with undesirable flavors or is otherwise unsatisfying. Etymology of word most likely arose from the inferred or actual flavor of a dog’s anus.
Example 1

Person A: Dewd – are you hungry?
Person B: Hell yeah, I could eat the dead end of a rhinoceros; all I had to eat today was a sandwich my god it tasted like dog ass!

Example 2
Waiter, this pasta tastes like dog ass, could I have something else?
by finnadat November 18, 2004
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a very ugly bitch.
1) Jim: "Dude, I met a fly ass chic when I was down on Broadway Saturday night."

John: "Really? All I found down on 2nd Ave was a pack of dog ass. FML."

2) James: "Man, you're better off without her anyways. I never wanted to hurt your feelings, but she was a total dog ass anyways..."

Chris: "Really? Thanks dude... But why haven't you done any better for yourself?"

random crowd: "OHHHH- BURN!"
by farmer grant September 16, 2009
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