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A basketball term used when someone executes a dunk with authority, hangs on the rim, lifts up his legs as if he was teabaggin his opponent (putting his scrotum on another’s head). See also ding alling dinner
Oh shit shaq just went nuts in the face on that nigga
by finnadat May 24, 2004

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An adverb commonly used with the verb taste to describe an edible food item with undesirable flavors or is otherwise unsatisfying. Etymology of word most likely arose from the inferred or actual flavor of a dog’s anus.
Example 1

Person A: Dewd – are you hungry?
Person B: Hell yeah, I could eat the dead end of a rhinoceros; all I had to eat today was a sandwich my god it tasted like dog ass!

Example 2
Waiter, this pasta tastes like dog ass, could I have something else?
by finnadat November 18, 2004

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1. A complete, total and somewhat creepy freak. They impart the mental image of someone lying down in their basement pre chewing bugs to feed one of the hundreds of spiders they keep as pets.

2. One who reminds you of a safe, benign version of Jame 'Buffalo Bill' Gumb from Silence of the Lambs, The (1991) - particularly in his collection of moths

3. A loser who rarely sees the light of day working on Rube Goldberg contraptions.
He’s a loser in a really odd way - there is just something really weird about that guy, he really is a spider farmer.
by finnadat May 24, 2004

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Short for geriatric – a term relating to senior citizens and a sometimes offensive term meaning very old or too old to be useful or taken seriously.

Normally used to bust someone’s balls who really is just a couple of years older than you. Contextually similar to Alice and can be interchangeably with old fart, and grandpa
Quit being such a freaking Gerry, you aren’t going to break a hip.
by finnadat May 24, 2004

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