to have a penis touch a womans cervix during sexual intercourse.
I fucking this bitch and her pussy was so small that my small penis hit the dead end
by say my name say my name April 14, 2010
Dead-end (verb): The sending of a text that gives the recipient no where to go when texting back and disrupts the natural flow of the conversation. Often a one word answer, or closing comment.
Guy (texting): So howd u like that party the other day?
Girl (texting): It was good.
Guy: Aww man, she just dead-ended me.
by Free6000 December 9, 2008
When you for real feel like you have hit your rock bottom. An you couldn’t feel more like a waste of life.
I’m at a dead end, I ask myself why the fuck I fuck around, hit a turn around and wake up an do the same shit that made me feel like shit the day before. I just need someone, I’m broken and I can’t fix what I’m judged for constantly by my elders of high respect but no one important to me can make time or make me feel important in there lives either.. I can’t just do it alone.. I do that all the time as it is...
by Titus dyfilid February 26, 2019
A ditz or someone who is of low intelligence.
"Man shes such a dead end that one is!"
by Matt Dowling October 9, 2007
When a diary user has a dead end triggered in their diary.

(Mirai Nikki)
A Dead end has been triggered in my diary.
by yunogasaixo September 25, 2017
Bro, did you see Dead End’s new piece? It’s the best!
by hahalobbedbro June 1, 2019
When a girls vagina is foul.
Babe, I wouldn't go there, it's a Dead End, just turn around.
by Rolo0612 May 22, 2009